Healing Schools Monthly Circle

A space for teachers and school leaders to transform school culture and their well-being through community care.

Our 2023 sessions are over, check back soon for more updates!

Each month Healing Schools Project holds space for you to rest, center joy and further reflect on your personal and professional growth.

Intentionally designed as a safe space, we welcome new and familiar faces alike to experience this 60-minute, free virtual session, every third Thursday at 6:00 pm ET.

What is a healing circle?


A healing circle is a unique opportunity to connect with yourself and each other in a meaningful way to prevent burnout and renew your passion for the teaching profession.

With the guidance of a skilled facilitator, a circle has intentional practices with key components such as:

  • Grounding moments with meditation
  • Writing exercises
  • Restorative breakout discussions

Rooted in Black and Indigenous traditions, these circles have been proven to significantly enhance the quality of life and improve mental health outcomes.

    “The whole session was great.

    The best part was writing the YOU poem to myself.

    It helped me stand in my power.” 

    New Jersey Teacher

    Each Circle has a Theme

    Through radical imagination we explore new topics to generate ideas about where we can shift culture to better reflect community care.

    The Power of the Settled Body

    Experience the power of the settled body. Explore the necessary conditions for settling your own body, and commit to creating and reflect on how to create this consistently.

    Rest as Resistance

    Learn about the seven forms of rest. In order to rest and feel refreshed, we first have to acknowledge the form of rest our body and mind requires, creating a space for healing and personal growth.

    Dreaming as Liberation

    Spend time envisioning your ideal future state, and take actionable steps to make it a reality. Discover the power of your own agency to create meaningful change across all aspects of life.

    Celebration and Joy

    Reflect on your recent accomplishments, inviting joy and celebration for small and big wins. Together, we commit to daily moments of self-celebration as a catalyst for continuous fulfillment.

    We hope you leave feeling more connected to yourself, your colleagues and experience the transformative power of a healing circle to sustain your work in this challenging field.