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Healing the education system, one school at a time

Healing Schools Project works with K-12 schools, school districts and charter networks predominantly serving students of color, as they tend to have the lowest rates of teacher retention. Uniquely positioned on the East Coast and led by educators of color, we take a three-pronged approach that addresses:

1. Teacher wellbeing

2. School leadership

3. School culture

Our interventions are rooted in research, designed to support teachers of all backgrounds. We tackle challenges that all teachers face, using evidence-based approaches that are tailored and culturally relevant through healing circles, professional development, and strategic planning.

Our Core Specialities

Healing Circles

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Trained facilitators lead teachers through a peer-support experience consisting of mindfulness practices and restorative conversation. The circles focus on teacher mental health and well-being; leaving them more grounded and connected to their peers, and with a shared vision for a healthier, more supportive school environment.

Administrator Coaching

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Leadership deeply impacts the culture and teacher experience within schools. By coaching administrators, we help to build their capacity to reflect on their own leadership, ability to support their staff, and promote improved school culture that works better for teachers and students.

Community Care Professional Development

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These interactive schoolwide experiences build collective efficacy – a shared belief in the ability to achieve desired outcomes – among a school’s teachers and leaders. This strengthens their capacity to work together on behalf of their students. 

Our Results

After a year of working with Healing Schools Project…


Reported they felt more connected to their colleagues


Reported they felt more confident that the school could build a culture of community care


Reported their view of the importance of community care increased


Reported that if the school did more work like this, more teachers would be willing to stay

How We Partner With Schools or Districts

We provide customizable packages that support you in creating a program that best meets the needs of your community while strategically maximizing our Core Specialities. See our sample healing plans and contact us to get started. 

Get in touch, we will help create a program that best suits your school’s needs.