“To heal is to acknowledge there was a wound in the first place.” 


– Wenimo Okoya

About us

Healing Schools Project

Healing Schools Project recognizes the need to build and sustain communities of care so that teachers of color can thrive, grow, and be the best teachers for all students. When schools invest in educator healing and well-being, teachers feel supported and are more willing to stay.

Rooted in Dr. Shawn Ginwright’s concept of healing centered engagement our work is structured around the  South African term “Ubuntu” which means “I am because we are.” Ginwright says ”harm isn’t caused in a vacuum, and to achieve wellbeing we must address the root of this harm within institutions.” Therefore our programs are thoughtfully designed to support teacher mental health and wellbeing on a one-to-one level, as well as to bring cultural shifts within school systems and promote community care. 

Anti-Racist at its Core

Healing Schools Project centers the educator of color experience — when interventions are built around those furthest away from systemic privilege, the benefit to people of all backgrounds is significantly greater. As a team we are uniquely equipped to work with K-12 schools, due to our personal experiences as educators and practitioners at the intersection of health and education. Tried and tested, backed by research and the communities we serve, we are now able to thoughtfully scale our intervention. 

We believe in a future where all schools are healing environments that center joy and wellbeing for their teachers and students. By improving teacher well-being, supporting school leaders, and shifting school culture, we can move closer to our vision for healthy, thriving teachers who support healthy, thriving students.

Our Values

Intentional Design






Our Partners

Meet The Team

a black woman with gold circular earrings, glasses and braids laughing

Wenimo Okoya, EdD, MPH (she/her)

Founder and Executive Director

Former middle school teacher, researcher-practitioner, expert in trauma-sensitive intervention adoption in schools

May Erouart, MPH (she/her)

User Experience and Growth Lead

Expert in public health technical assistance and training and equitable design

Chantal Hoff, MPH (she/her)

Research and Evaluation Lead

Expert and equitable program evaluation and data collection with a background in school health program evaluation

a black woman with gold circular earrings, glasses and braids laughing

Ginelle Wynter, MSEd (she/her)

Curriculum Lead

Former educator, restorative practitioner, and expert in educator professional development experiences

a black woman with gold circular earrings, glasses and braids laughing

Jennifer Paulino  (she/her)


15 years of experience in the school wellness space and extensive experience in coaching and facilitation.⁠

a black woman with gold circular earrings, glasses and braids laughing

Allan Madrid            (he/him)


15 years of experience in education as a teacher and school administrator. Extensive experience delivering equitable outcomes in education settings.⁠